V6 Submersible Pump Set

These motors are squirrel cage type totally enclosed, wet type induction motor suitable for single phase, 230 V / 3 phase, 415 volts, 50 c/s a.c supply. Filled with pure drinking water. It requires a very small space, does not require a foundation or pump house.

  • Dual seals and sand guards are provided for the protection and to avoid Contamination of outside bore well water.
  • Stator made of stainless steel pipe.
  • Stators & Rotors are impregnated with varnish under vacuum and backed under controlled temperature to avoid rusting in water.
  • Stainless steel sleeves are shrink fitted at bearing location on rotor shaft & ground to closer tolerance for smooth running.
  • Winding wire is made from water resistance P.V.C coated / Poly coated copper wire.
  • Rotor assembly is dynamically balanced for vibration free operation.
  • Rotor bars are of electrolytic grade copper.
  • All the bush bearing is water lubricated.
  • Thrust bearing assembly is fitted with titled pads resting on S.S balls and supported by locating pin to take the higher axial load.
  • The revolving thrust plate is made from S.S & fitted with Teflon securely fixed to the S.S plate.
  • Rubber diaphragm is provided at the base of the motor to equalize pressure caused by variation temperature during operation.
  • Lead cable are protected with rubber grommets.

Investment Cost:
Due to the compact & sturdy design, the initial investment is low.

Installation & Maintenance Cost:
The installation cost is very low, can be installed in the difficult sites in narrow & slanting bore wells. Due to the proper selection of material & due to high accuracy maintained during production maintenance cost is very low. The operation of the pump is noiseless.

Due to efficient design pump gives higher output at lower power consumption.

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