V4 Submersible Pump Set

This is a vertical multistage centrifugal pump with either radial flow or mixed flow type stainless steel impeller.

  • Impellers are dynamically balanced. All the stationery parts are closed grained graded CI with smooth profiles without any detrimental defects.
  • All the bearings bush are self water lubricated type.
  • The pump shaft sleeves & coupling are manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Impeller & sleeves are securely fixed on S.S shaft S.S key.
  • The bowls are locked by bottling to avail high concentric accuracy & better reliability.
  • A streamlined non return valve provided to prevent reverse rotation of pump assembly while switched off.
  • S.S suction strained is provided to avoid entry of suspended material in water.
  • To protect the cable from being worn out during installation, cable guards are provided all along with the pump boy.

Agriculture (Application):
• Tube well Irrigation
• Drip Irrigation / Sprinkle Irrigation
• Open well Irrigation
• River / Canal

Public Utilities (Application):
• Rural water supply
• Domestic water supply
• Urban water supply

Industries (Application):
• Service water supply
• Process & cooling water circulation
• Raw & treated water services
• Ornamental like fountains
• Fire fighting like services
• Booster application
• Mining & Construction sites

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